Revives Listings

Here are all of the players who are selling revives on Torn Exchange with their prices. If you are looking to buy a revive, simply choose a player from the listings below, click on their name and you shall be directed to their profile so that you can send them a message.

Selling revives 850k or 1 Xanax
Reviving for $1m or 1 Xanax.
$1m or 1 Xanax on successful revive.
[S] Revive for 1m or 1 xan
Reviving for 1 Xanax or 1mil
100 skill - 1m/xanax
Reviving for $1m or 1 Xanax. drop me a dm
Revives $1 mil or Xanax. 750K bulk orders / repeat customers. Happy to organise revive contracts. Stay safe!
Reviving for 800m or 1 Xanax.
[S] Rev 850k/Xan per attempt
MrWalker Reviving Services Requires you pay ($0.95m) or (1)XANAX PILL
1m or xanax
Reviving for $1M or 1 Xanax. Can also do larger RW Contracts. PM me in Torn to discuss details
Selling Revive = 800k =>distinguished healer

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