Revives Listings

Here are all of the players who are selling revives on Torn Exchange with their prices. If you are looking to buy a revive, simply choose a player from the listings below, click on their name and you shall be directed to their profile so that you can send them a message.

🚑 Selling revives 1mill or xanax 👨‍⚕️🚑 price can be negociated for bulk revives chat me if interested
💉 Get Your Revives Here 💉 💊 1 Xanax 💊 ⛑ bulk available ⛑
Selling revives for 500k or it's free If your blow level 12
Revives for 850k or a xanax. Pm me
Revives for 1 mil. ⛑💉🧪💊
Reviving! Cost is 800k or xan if level 15+ or if u hold levels. If you are under 15 then the price is 450k or xan.