Revives Listings

Here are all of the players who are selling revives on Torn Exchange with their prices. If you are looking to buy a revive, simply choose a player from the listings below, click on their name and you shall be directed to their profile so that you can send them a message.

Selling rev for 1m or 1 xan also do bulk at a negotiable price...
Reviving for $1m or Xanx
Selling single, bulk (with discount), and faction contracts starting at 900k or a xan per.
Eldragos Revives for 1 xanax
Reviving in Torn for 700k or xanax. Abroad 1m
Hi, if you need help, reviver.....{S} revives 1 xanax
SKILL 100 reviver 1m or xan PM me
Reviving for 800K or 1 Xanax, Fails are free.
Reviving for 1m or xanax :)
100 Skill HOF Reviver. Reviving for 1.2M success, 500k failure beyond 50% success. Lower-success attempts can be negotiated.
900K or 1x Xanax per!
Reviving for 800k or 1 Xanax. Fails have a refund of 400k
In Torn:800k Overseas:Canada, Cayman Islands, Mexico 800k or 1 Xanax Any other Overseas Travel 1m or 1 Xa
Revives available at all times (when online) 1 mil / 1xan (89+ skill)
MrWalker Reviving Services Requires you pay ($0.95m) or (1)XANAX PILL
Selling revives for 800K or 1 Xanax each, PM :)