Revives Listings

Here are all of the players who are selling revives on Torn Exchange with their prices. If you are looking to buy a revive, simply choose a player from the listings below, click on their name and you shall be directed to their profile so that you can send them a message.

Reviving for $880k or Xanax
⛑️ Offering 𝗳𝗿𝗲𝗲vives whenever available. ❤️
Reviving for 1 Xanax
Selling revives for 1 million $ or 1 Xanax
Doing revives for 800k or Xanax which ever one u can do
Selling revs, 950k or Xan. Will accept contracts if available. (Fails are free)
reviving 1mil one xanax
Reviving for 1 xanax or 1M ^o^
Reviving for 1mil or xan
REVIVES! 1mil 💸 or 1xan 💊 ~~~ pm for bulk
1 Xanax 💊 or 900k 💲 for 🩸🚑Revive 🚑🩸
Looking to set up rez contracts for chaining and warring factions, pm me or any of the leadership of Hooligans Reborn for details
Reviving For 1million or 1xanax (90+skill) [500k per fail]
800k or 1 xan
[SELLING] 🚑 REVIVES 🚑 800k or a Xanax :) ... Also do bulk deals, PM me for Faction reviving contracts!
🚑 🚑 Revives for $1M or 1 Xanax. Big discount on bulk. 🚑🚑 Faction will also do contract. 📞 PM me!