Revives Listings

Here are all of the players who are selling revives on Torn Exchange with their prices. If you are looking to buy a revive, simply choose a player from the listings below, click on their name and you shall be directed to their profile so that you can send them a message.

Selling Revives when active 850k or Xanax.
Reviving for 1mil or xan
🚨REVIVING🚨 Individuals & War Effort Contracts & Missions🚨 Stacked E, accepting 💲💊
800k/Xanax l 80+ Skill in Reviving Over 1000 Revives
[SELLING] 🚑 REVIVES 🚑 800k or a Xanax :) ... Also do bulk deals, PM me for Faction reviving contracts!
❤️Friendly reviver! - Revive for a Xanax or anything equivalent 🚑 I love reviving! It goes to a good cause, raising xanax for baby faction!
Reviving for $900k or 1 Xanax. Member of The Rifle Academy. Bulk contracts available through faction.
Reviving 800k or xanax
I'm mostly on torn all day, selling revives for 1 xan or 800 k, hit me up and i will respond as fast as i can !
reviving for 1.5 mil or a xanax
Looking to set up rez contracts for chaining and warring factions, pm me or any of the leadership of Hooligans Reborn for details
Selling revives for single or bulk 830k or 1 Xanax each
Reviving for 850k or 1 Xanax